Meet Legend

Who or what is Legend the Robot?

Legend is a cross-chain metaverse sidekick.  In other words, Legend is being built on top of major metaverse projects.  This will allow Legend to guide you from one metaverse to another.  It will also be an easy and effective means for educating both kids and adults alike into understanding crypto as internet upgrades into Web3.  Legends Library has currently acquired land in these metaverse projects - Sandbox, Decentraland, Bloktopia, Somnium Space, Everdome, Otherside, TCG World, Shib Metaverse & Mane City!

What does Legend do, exactly?

Legend takes you step by step from creating a wallet in the beginners guide, to jumping metaverses and play to earn games in the experts guide.  Learning something new has never been easier, especially when you have your very own personal teacher and guide at your fingertips!

Does Legend have access to my crypto?

No, absolutely not!  Legend is strong in the philosophy of being your own bank and he teaches you how to do that.  One of the main reasons for the creation of Bitcoin was to provide a better banking system outside of central bank or government control.  As we have seen throughout history and more so today, banks and governments mismanage peoples' money.  Same goes for centralized crypto exchanges.  There are better ways!

What if I don't have any spare funds to invest into crypto?

Don't worry!  There are plenty of ways to earn crypto for free.  Legend can show you how to do that!