Legend's Library


What is Legend's Library?

Legend's library is a treasure trove of crypto and metaverse knowledge in an organized and entertaining fashion.  Learn from the directed courses or simply ask Legend and receive the top video clip responses.  No more running to Youtube and praying that the info is valid.  

What can I learn from Legend's Library?

Legend will guide you through crypto basics like downloading a wallet, buying and selling, sending and receiving, keeping your crypto safe and so much more.  In the intermediate series, real magic will start to happen.  Legend will teach you about the problems crypto solves and its relationship with Web3.  You will quickly become an expert in defi, NFTs, smart contracts and crypto estate planning.  Finally, in the expert series, Legend hand serves you the real meat and potatoes with a side of Metaverses, Virtual Real Estate, VR, Play to Earn Games and an even more in depth look into defi and NFTs!

How do I gain access to Legend's Library?

All the knowledge you have access to would cost thousands of dollars in consulting fees from a crypto specialist.  Instead you will have a 24/7 access to Legend's Library for only $1.99/month and one time activation fee of $19.99.  If you decide you have learned all you have needed and no longer require access to Legend's Library, simply end your subscription.  You can restart your subscription at anytime without any hidden fees.

Why not just learn from Youtube, Tik Tok and Twitter, instead?

With all the different ways crypto can take you, it can become overwhelming trying to find the exact information you are looking for.  Now with Legend's Library you have one reputable source to easily learn how to navigate through the Crypto, Web3 and Metaverse space.  Most importantly, our mission for a safe Metaverse space is a cause worth fighting for.  We believe the Metaverse will be a great tool for mental health, but could also play the opposite role as well.  Legend's library hopes to join the fight in safe metaverse spaces for all ages and by supporting us you can help us get closer to that goal.

When is Legend's Library being released?

The exact release date is currently unknown.  So at this time it will just be coming soon!  Sign up for our newsletter below to get updates on Legend's Library opening date!